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As of 4.5.00, I was asked by the American Battle Monuments Commission(ABMC) in Washington, D.C., to be their Field Representative in Jackson, WY for the World War II Memorial to be built in Washington, with probable project commencement by Memorial Day, 2000.  Dedication is now tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2004.  I am honored for the privilege to act as their representative.   However, in 2001, the Memorial reached its goal of $100M & ceased formal fund raising efforts, although they still will take individual donations.   It is not my responsibility to accept donations, but rather to inform the local public about this project & provide the means for anyone interested, to make donations to the Monument honoring those who served our country, military & civilian, during that war.  Please use this site to contact me for more information or to acquire donation brochures.  Call me at 307.733.2173 or click on the following link to email me:  walt@theastrocowboy.com.
If you wish further information from the A B M C, please go to their Website by clicking on the following link:  World War II Memorial.

My father, Walter Louie Farmer, Sr., was a WT3C aboard the Carrier Escort Salamaua, CVE-96.  While participating in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, his ship was struck by a Japanese Kamikaze aircraft which penetrated a number of decks on the ship.  He served in the Okinawa Gunto operation & was on board his carrier in Tokyo Bay when the Peace Treaty was signed on the USS Missouri.  My mother, Verona Metts Farmer, was a civilian employee at the Naval shipyards in Charleston, S.C. during the war.  They met during the war and married a short time after it was over and resided in Jacksonville, FL where my brother Malcolm & his family, continue to live. I am proud to honor their service with my assistance to the Memorial.  Many of you reading this already know of my commitment to the Vietnam POW/MIA issue since 1981 & I hope you'll read the section below this regarding same.  If you would like to personally register your friend or relative with the WWII Registry, goto this link. After providing the required information, you may later uplink a photo to be included if desired, but this will cost $10.

7.3.00 - Thanks go to Bill Ashley during the summer of 2000.  Bill is a 78 yr. old former Marine officer from WWII & Korea, who came home to Jackson in 1951 & established the ski school there which he ran for 30 yrs.  This year, he volunteered to be the focal point of a fundraiser for the Memorial, by soliciting me & others to gain pledges to the Memorial based on how many climbs he did of Snow King Mtn.  Bill's efforts have been extolled in both local papers & in the Casper newspaper as well as other media & on NPR stations.  The Teton Co. Rec Center has a competitive climbing event of the mountain called "Conquer the King" each year.  Last year, Bill climbed the mtn. 90 times & hopes to climb 100 or more times this season between Memorial and Labor Days.  As of this writing, 7.3.00, we had pledges that totalled $6599. from 35 people in & out of Wyoming.  Those pledges averaged $188.94 each & ranged from $.50 per to $15. per. climb.  Snow King has a vertical face of 1571 ft. per, & if Bill climbs 109 times as he told me today that he would by mid-morning tomorrow, that would total 171,239 cumulative vertical ft!  Also, in this year's competition, Bill has only one competitor that is challenging him for the most number of climbs by anyone, & we should know by Tues. if he's won the competition as well.  Everyone who knows Bill, knows what a great guy he is & how the Memorial effort has been strengthened by his resolve.

POW/MIA Info & Links

For those of you who don't know me, I have been involved in the POW/MIA(Prisoner of War/Missing in Action)  issue as it relates to those unaccounted for since the end of the Vietnam Conflict, which has been for me since 1981.  I have considerable files regarding specific cases, references to family members, DoD (Dept. of Defense), family organizations, bumper stickers, and a variety of other materials.

To that end, I have a considerable collection of videotapes that includes such items as the DoD film excerpts depicting the return of POWs at the end of the conflict, interviews with family members all over the country, evening news items, documentaries from the BBC & others, films made by Col Jack Bailey, a complete Key to Freedom Forum held in San Antonio in the mid-80s, Dr. Michael Charney talking about forensic identifications, stories of POW experiences, the story of the removal of the Vietnam Unknown at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, & a myriad of other similar items, in excess of 200 hrs.  I have long made these tapes available to family members for my cost & to others for a small fee.  Please get in touch if you'd like a copy of my inventory. Capt Walt Farmer, walt@theastrocowboy.com

Likewise, I have a nearly complete set of Joint Air Operations Graphic maps of most of SEA that I will copy for anyone asking similarly charging as mentioned above.  This is a very large set & used by airmen for mission planning during the conflict.  I also have or can get POW/MIA bracelets, flags & other such items for those interested or put you in touch with those entities.

Here, in Jackson, WYO, we have set up booths to inform the tourists in recent years and in July 1999, got the Town to fly POW flags over the Town Hall and the Town Square, permanently with proclamation.  This of course, is next to the Monument in the center of the Square dedicated to all servicemen from the Jackson area that have defended America.  Others of us fly them as we see fit & there is a small group of us here still devoted to helping resolve this issue.

Thank you for taking a look here & I'll add more later.

Capt Walt Farmer
USAF, Ret.

Below sites also recommended.  I know some of them personally & others only by the level of info on their site.  All are very dedicated to this issue.        HEADLINES

Task Force Omega                 Nam MIA bios         All War POW/MIA link                     POW Info

National Alliance of Families                         POW/MIA Radio                    P.O.W. Network                        Korean Families of the Missing

Information about military imposters:
    AuthentiSeal                                  Stolen Valor

Stolen Valor Gotchas
Fake Navy Seal

* 7/3/00 - With sincere regret, I pass to those who read this, the death of Dovie Widner Huffman.  Dovie & husband Don & family are from Graham, TX & we've known them for many years.  Dovie's son Danny, is still unaccounted for since the end of the Vietnam Conflict, & she will be missed by so many.

    Another dear friend, Annabel Craig & now in her 90s, is suffering from old age & recently entered a nursing home in San Antonio.  Kay & I love her like a mother, & she's being cared for by her daughter, Mary Jane Regel.  Annabel's son Philip, went missing during the Conflict, but in the late 80s, his remains were returned to her.  In the ongoing battle the families have with CILHi, Philip's remains were positively identified with confirmation by Dr. Michael Charney, so it was a welcome resolution of the war for the Craig family.  We wish the best for Mrs. Craig & her family.  Addendum: Annabel died in Sept. of 2001. We will miss her dearly.

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