FOXFUN in Walt & Kay's Backyard

People love seeing "our" foxes, so, here's a page of fox photos, dedicated to them.  Enjoy...

Video links below at end of 2005.

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I have an excellent quality HD-DVD of the female, the black male, and all the kits playing around the yard in 2007. (I'ts about 45 min. w/music background, although some - catches the kits on audio.) If you'd like a copy, send $15. (cash, check or money order) which will include S&H, to Walt Farmer at 505 Ponderosa Dr., Jackson, Wyo, 83001 for a copy. email

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Foxes returned in 2009 on 5/25 - for one day, 2 red kits & 1 black.  On 5/28, 3 red kits were back again with mom, which must mean there's at least one more, somewhere.  By 6/4 - we realized there were 5 altogether, although as seen below, we lost a red one.  6/14 update:  We thought we'd seen another female here for several days, just weren't sure.  Well, we're sure now, as both females are feeding the kits.  However, it appears the one black kit is under the observatory, while the other red kits are under the deck across the street.  Even more interesting, is there's one more new kit we hadn't observed before, or counted.  Apparently there were 5 red kits (one died) as we still see 4 now, & a black one.  Either the two moms are sharing their kits/feeding, or a second mom is helping the first.  Here are some pics from earlier...

One kit's closeup  Adoring kit w/mom

Mom gets attacked

Cool shade  Pretty relaxed

I almost mowed right up to her before I noticed her watching me.

Pair, twins?  Black kit that looks like a bear cub

Reacting to smell from the dead kit?  Tired mom w/an injured left rear leg

One hour today I'm taking the above 4 pics, then the below appears.  Lost one today, I think mom brought it over for the others to experience.

That's life  Who knows what it's thinking

Dead kit  Puncture wounds on the neck, gash on the left rear haunch.  Probably a dog or a coyote.


It's early June & mom just showed up w/3 kits that appear to be about 8 wks. old (2 black, 1 red). We're just a secondary den this year. I hear barking nearby, so another den probably isn't too far away.

Mom & kit Mom resting but on alert

It's a painting? Both on alert

Another kit They bark a lot this year

Kit one Kit two

Off to hunt in the June snow

Mom's a good hunter

Dad Dad, a lot more skittish than mom.


June 2007, this is year no. 6 that foxes have denned under my observatory.  Mrs. Fox had 5 kits this year, new papa too, as can be seen with the 2 blackish kits - 3 are orange.  Not sure how rare his coloring is, but Mr. in the past has been quite red.  She probably birthed them in April, we first saw them in late April as tiny kits.  She moved them out of the area for about 3 wks. on May 10 & when they returned were the size seen in the photos further below.  As seen below, she is scruffy & mixed, he is mostly black.  Every year, the kits are "adorable."  She is thin, he probably is too but very furry & fluffy.  She looks emaciated, but is very healthy & active.  She is probably about 12-15 lbs. & maybe 2 ft. long in body with the tail being another foot in length.  All teeth and tail & a both are accomplished hunters & spend a lot of time at the south end of the airport.  It's amazing that they've never been run over.  If anyone wants to stop by & view them live from the upstairs, call us at 733.2173, best time is about 7:30 - 8pm.

Behind the house. Mama fox napping.

First shot of new kit. Compare sizes.  It's a foot-long!

Papa fox, a black fox. Exercise mat, 1 of 3.

2 of 3. 3 of 3.

  The kits in the pics below are about 2 ft. long now (June 2007).

Part of the red fox litter.Taking a break...


The pounce,  1 of 9.

The stomp, 2 of 9. The reaction, 3 of 9.

Get off, 4 of 9. Mom, I got teeth, 5 of 9.

Having fun yet, 6 of 9. Take this, 7 of 9.

Wanna play?  8 of 9. Not any more.  9 of 9.

All 5 with mom.

Foxes everywhere.

There's lots of this kind of play.

Pics from 2006.  She was only around for a few days in this year.

Tongue licking good.

Only a couple of shots of the kits.


Always on guard...for elk? Nursing's tough.

Fox in your driveway? Bird seed's better than no rodents.

One of several den entries, threatening my observatory.

The oft seen stretch. 10 kits this year, 9 in this picture.

Play, you'll be on guard soon enough.

Red fox litter .


Now add a little maturity.

A dentist's dream. Oh mom.

Fox/Kit Videos, 2005
These will take several minutes to DL at highspeed & nigh on forever with dial-up.  Click & they're worth the wait, but the best is probably "gloved" one & it takes twice as long.  (I'll figure out how to compress them later.). Movies shot on a digital still camera, Olympus C-750 UltraZoom.
                Hearing the helicopter                                                             Attacking the green mat

                    Always scuffling                                                        Kits at 3 mos., scuffling in the back yard
                Ignore the poppies and play                                                    Painful pounce?

                                                                 The gloved one strikes again.


Glove hunt. Shopping.

Scott Roop, his trash and treasure was popular w/the 4-legged types.

Kay's new friend.

They were a steal.


Another new one.

The pond's gone now, but was good then.

Change it to "Fox St."

Buddy and the fox.

Always hunting.

Always mouths to feed.


Mom on lookout.

Mom and dad. Small kit, bad camera.

2001, Our first year hosting the foxes, our treat, except for when I have to clean out under the floor of the observatory.

Making friends.

First litter.

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