Personal Items for Sale

Contact Walt Farmer, or call 307.733.2173
S&H extra on all items, local pickup/delivery available.  Latest update: Jan.. 2013

ONE, of these two monitors shown below....

  The one on top is a Dell 1504FP, 15" (measured diagonally), Ultrasharp flat-panel, TFT-LCD tilt color monitor w/base.  400:1, max: 1024 x 768 @ 75 Hz.
  Comes w/manual, setup disk, power & VGA cords.  H=14.1 in., W=13.7 in., D=6.8 in., Weight=8.25 lbs., Power is 25W typical.

The second is an NEC Multisync 97F BK CRT, 19 in. swivel/tilt flat screen w/base.  Analog input, Opticlear, VGA & power cables included.  Paper holder attachment - no extra charge.
  W=17.4 in., H=17.8 in., D=17.9 in. W=49.4 lbs.  Max.=1280 x 1025 @ 55-76 Hz.

Either unit, $35. + S&H.  Both work perfectly.  No scratches on screen.  Both in VG/EXC. condition.


Vivitar/Cibachrome 35mm Film Darkroom Equipment
Vivitar VI color enlarger & base (dial in color, not gels), including owner's manual
 Omicron-El 50mm f 2.8 enlarging lens
 El Omegar 75mm f3.5 enlarging lens
 Negative holders for: 35mm, 35mm panoramic, 35mm transparencies
 Omega E-99 enlarging timer
 4.5 amp power supply, output: regulated 18.44 VAC (Vivitar RPS 18/117)
 Omega programming timer (w/numerous set-clips)
 Cibachrome exposure monitor E-3 with remote probe
 Vivitar probe thermometer
 Printing easel
 Premier multi-format easel with test strip printer
 Testrite 8x10 proofing frame
 Contact printing frame/easel for transparencies
 Mikodot focusing grain scope
 Numerous processing/printing trays
 Light safe
 Room safelight
 Chemical containers
 Numerous measuring cups
 Print squeegee
 Staticmaster dust brush
 Misc. supplies: chemistry, photo paper, reference materials (Ciba, E-6, B&W)
 Film developing cans and rollers, hang-drying clips
 Probably other stuff too...
Some items pictured not applicable, other items in cabinet drawers

Package $1200. obo (+S&H as applicable)
Canon A-1 body with autowinder, manuals, promo brochure: $200. +S&H, exc. cond. A-1body w/autowinder
Canon AE-1 w/autowinder, manuals, exc. cond.: $200. +S&H AE-1

Other misc.

Snapper lawnmower promotional manual for all 1989 models.  Instruction manual for Snapper Series lawnmowers: 21355, Snapper 21405, Snapper 214X5.  Both - $10. w/S&H included.
Unused grasscatcher for the 1989 21 Series Snapper mowers.  $25. w/S&H included.
Tecumseh Engine owner's manual for models TVS75, TVS90, TVS100, TVS105, TVS120, TVXL105, w/1, 2, & 3 of 3 engine exploded breakdown of parts.  $8. - S&H Included.

IBM Cordless Computer Connection.  Base w/ A/C adaptor, rechargeable receiver, manual.  200 ft. range, 10 channels, $25. obo. +S&H

Portable tanning device with 6 tubes by ProTan Home Sunsystem - $250. obo. + packing/shipping costs. Unit was $1,000. new & has 20, maybe 30 hrs. on it.

Vertical storage positions.  Image at left is side where tanning bulbs go.  All 6 bulbs are with the unit.
Usage angle
This is the angle set when in use.  As with the couch behind, the user could lie on it & slide the base underneath the couch, or bed, or futon, etc., & tan back or front with unit above.  Unit also swivels where the support bar meets the base.  Note red knob on support bar which tightens/loosens, to turn unit from vertical to horizontal.
Obviously, this is the tanning bed controller.

20 x 60 panoramic photo of Schwabacher Landing - $125. unframed. +S&H

Winchester 101 Trap shotgun, .12 gauge with carrying case - $1400. firm +S&H

in case  Assembled

4 mag wheels and snow tires (for Mitsubishi Diamante auto, or other) / tires are BFGoodrich Comp T/A w/approx. 15,000 miles, Size is 205/65R14 - $500. obo.  Will sell all 4 wheels without tires for $400. +S&H
For Mitsubishi Diamante, & others?

35 Pioneer cd cartridges, holds 6 cds, $5. each 6 cds in each
(JD-M300 disc magazines) +S&H

Laserdisc player w/manual & small quantity of laserdisc films - $200., or $150., with Laserdisc films separate @ $10. ea. (+S&H)

Pioneer laserdisc player

Houston Tracker System 70 Satellite Receiver, $40., w/manual


Moose paddle - $125. +S&H count the points

VOOM HD dish with mount, identical to DISH dish - $25. +S&H
VOOM dish

UMAX Astra 2000U Scanner for Win98, possibly 2000 & ME.  Manual, MAC and Win disks w/extra programs.  $25. + S&H

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