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Over to Lunch Pic Page           (Sepia-tone images are members that are deceased.  Images by Walt Farmer unless otherwise noted.)

Anyone have a picture of Dick O'Brien or Ray Kepford?

Bert Raynes, Chief Curmudgeon & Penny's dad  Gus Schwarz, see image of son directly below.  Photographer unk.  Frank Craighead, see image of son directly below.  Photographer unk.
Bert "Curmudgeon" Raynes                          Gus Schwarz                                  Frank Craighead


Larry Rieser - will ski forever  Brian Schwarz, see father's image above, came in 1990 w/his dad   Charlie Craighead, see father's image above, author/videographer
Larry Rieser                                                Brian Schwarz                                            Charlie Craighead

 John Simms, invited in 1988 by Tony Kirkpatrick. Artist, entrepreneur, inventor., fishing guide, etc.  Bob "Pops" Righter, author, professor, & GTNP historian.  Invited by Bert, probably around '99. 
                                  John Simms                                                          Bob Righter                                                           Walt Farmer                               

Dick Ferguson, thinks he was invited in 1997, by Bert  Ernie Labelle, invited in 2002 by Dick Ferguson  Chuck Schneebeck, Invited by Bert in 2000, leading Nature Mapping.
Richard "Dick" Ferguson                                             Ernie Labelle                                        Chuck Schneebeck

  Ron Gessler, invited in 2003 by Bert, exhibit mgr. at NMWA.  Vance Carruth, invited by Bert in 2005  Mike Casey - busy construction guy
Ron Gessler                                                    Vance Carruth                                                              Mike Casey

Mike Faraday, invited by Bert in 2004  Bob Grinnell, invited in 2004 by Dick Ferguson  John Kerr aka Ranger John, invited by ? in 2005.
Mike Faraday                                                             Bob Grinnell                                                     John Kerr

  Prof. Dan Merrill, 2003, Bert & Bob Righter invited when not at Oberlin  Chuck Herz, invited in 2003 by Shirley Craighead?  Our political firebrand, Dem party leader.  Dick Collister, invited in 2004 by Mike Faraday, another investment banker.
Dan Merrill                                                  Chuck Herz                                                             Dick Collister

Zach Hall, invited by Chuck Herz in 2007, stem cell wiz  Prof. Pete Wales of DC legal fame.  Invited by Chuck Herz, Xmas lunch 2010.    Ned Thomas, invited by Larry Rieser in 2010.  
Zach Hall                                                                 Pete Wales                                                         Ned Thomas

  Stephen Unfried, invited by Dick Ferguson in 2006, investment banker  Joe Greene, Bert invited Joe in 2003.  Park ranger, other weird things.  Peter Ward, invited by Bert in 2007 & does all things geologic.
Stephen Unfried                                                Joe Greene                                                          Peter Ward
Bob Laganza  Jim Darwiche, 2007, invited by Walt, local business owner/developer.  Dave Muskat, invited in 2010 by Dick Ferguson.
Bob Laganza                                                    Jim Darwiche                                                  Dave Muskat

Lavar Riniker, retired dentist    Greg Ziegler, Author, Steinbeck nut.  Invited by Chuck Schneebeck in 2009.  
Lavar Riniker                                                         Greg Ziegler

  John Drew, 2011, invited by John Simms  Dr. John Thorn, 2011, invited by Ned Thomas  Bernie McHugh, 2011, said he got his invite from, "Big Bird himself!"
John Drew                                                     John Thorn                                                               Bernie McHugh

   BJ Bjorken, the elementary particle  physics guy.  Invited by Peter Ward in 2011.  John Good, 2006, by Bert, Yellowstone historian-gone to Texas  Invited in 2012 by Bob Laganza  
James "BJ" Bjorken                                               John Good                                                 Dick Jaquith

Invited in 2013 by Dick Ferguson  Invited in 2012, & again in 2013 first by Chuck Schneebeck & then Dick Ferguson  Trevor Stevenson, new in 2012, invited by Bert
Joe Burke                                         Dave Dornan                                                Trevor Stevenson

Wes Timmerman  John Roberts
Wes Timmerman                                                     John Roberts

Friends that have moved away...

Tony White                                                 Ed Henze                                                          Bobby Hughes

Deceased & Missed & Remembered

Greg McHuron - Artiste extraordinaire. Instead of sepia toning Greg's last picture, I decided to Photoshop it & use the palette knife to temper the image. Seemed more appropriate. Gone, in July of 2012.  Richard Roskum  Cy Harrice, chief of all fire engines
Greg McHuron                                      Richard Roskum                                            Cy Harrice

DaaP'ers that haven't been around in over a year...& one or two other names...

Adam Meyer, our NaG paperboy. Invited by Bert in 2007.  Karl Meyer   Brian Tarantola  Ken Down - triplet no. 1  Bob Henderson, 2006, invited by Bert, triplet no. 2
Adam Meyer                              Karl Meyer                  Brian Tarantola                           Ken Down                              Bob Henderson

Kirby Williams, 2008, invited by Bert  
Kirby Williams

Ron Sprouse, 

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