DaaPLB Christmas Lunch Image Page

Our "tradition" of going to the Pines didn't really start annually until 2006 or so, and it's the group's only "tradition" and is a reasonably good one.  Snowbirds just have to miss out.  Photos started in 2002, as that was Walt's first year w/the group, although waiters at the Pines took a few of these-including the blurry one!  

2002  Walt, Chuck, Ed, Cy, Larry, Bert, Brian, Bob, Dick, Dick, Ernie

2003  Ed, Bob, Dick, Larry, Robert, Bert, Walt

2004  Greg, ?, Dick, Ernie, Joe, ?, ?, John, Larry, Bert, Ed, Chuck, Brian, Mike, Chuck, Walt

2008  Chuck, Walt, Dick, Bert, Ed, John, Larry, Pete, John, Dick, Mike, Bob, Mike, Steve, Ernie

2009a  Chuck, ?, Tony, Ron, Adam, Pete, Greg, ?

2009b  Ernie, Joe, (Walt) Lavar, Pete, Greg, ?, Joe, Dick, Bert, Larry, Greg, Peter

2010 Ron, Ernie, Walt, Bert, Larry, Peter, Zach, Steve, Chuck, Lisa, Pete

2011, Photo by restaurant mgr., as I'm in the pic.

2012, Photo by Walt

Photo by Ernie Labelle, 25 at the Pines

Come back in 2014.  wf

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