Ron Gessler & St. Baldricks

My dearest fellow “posters”, below is a message I sent to others in my address book regarding my upcoming “balding”. I was unable to make lunch yesterday to make my last plea and will not be at lunch next week as we will be out of town. If you still wish to participate you can do so on line or by giving your donation to Bert at next week’s lunch. Cash or check is fine. Please make the check out to me as I can process it quicker as I wish to have as much posted as possible by the evening of the 18th. Also advise me via a note with your donation if you wish for me to provide St. Baldricks with your mailing info etc. I can otherwise provide you with a receipt. Please read the info below this. Best regards and thanks

We have to date raised over $2600. Our goal is $5,000. If this goal is reached the facial hair will go as well, no questions! There are just over 10 days before the event. If you have already contributed to this cause thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Personal messages will go out when this is over and my head is freezing! If you have been considering there’s no time like the present. If you are unable for any reason we understand and thank you for your consideration. My balding is not happening on the day of our local event as we will be out of town. My date is the 22nd. Some have inquired as to why I am doing such a crazy thing. Jen and I feel blessed to have a healthy vibrant child. Others are not as fortunate so we felt it important to do everything we could to support a good cause. Losing the hair will be easy, making this amount of a contribution would otherwise be difficult for us. Thank you again to all for your consideration.

Ron Gessler




Bert's annual birthday bash at the home of Bruce Hayse up Cache Creek will be on Saturday March 13 at 6pm.
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Bert is interested in having some new blood take over the reins of the bird club, & if you know anyone that might be interested in stepping in, helping out, learning what's necessary, please pass this on to Bert.