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(All images by Walt Farmer unless otherwise noted,
which is to say that while I'm not in the picture, I must be there somewhere.
There are popups on the pics when you put your cursoe there, but they haven't been working lately.
They usually tell date, location & if not me, who took the pic.  I'm adding some subscript info.)
(Place cursor on image & click for enlargements.)
(I haven't at many lunches recently.  Need anyone to help get pics & e to me when I'm not there, to post here.  Thnaks, wf)

Photos by Ernie, left-Gp. shot at Teton Pines on 12/18, 25 attending. Right- Birdfeeder gift to Bert that most chipped in on.

Bernie's Rough-Legged Hawk by Walt, 12/16                                                   Piglets, by Wes, 12/11                                      Piglets, by Wes, 12/4                                     

17 attending at the Virginian    Oct. 9, El Tlaxcalteca, pic fm. Greg Zeigler
Photo by Wes, 11/27, Virginian                                           Cafe Genevieve, 10/23, photo by Charlie                                                                                                      

None  None  None  None
4 at my house today, Sept. 11, marking the departure of Tony to CO.  Cake courtesy Bert, fixins from Kay, grillin' by John Drew, & even I'm in a pic this time.  17 on hand & a real nice day.

0904, Pizza Hut, 18 attending  0904, PIzza Hut #2

0821 at the Blue Sage, formerly Cafe Bean, photo by Bernie  0814, fm. Peter Ward, PIzza Antica, 1 of 2  0814 fm. Peter Ward, Pizza Antica 2 of 2
Pic by Bernie                                                                                         Pic by ?                                                                                             Pic by ?
0807m /River Rock Retirement, Larry goes home soon?  Not in pic, Zach & Walt.
  At Hayden's at Snow King, photo by John Thorn  0724, JH Golf & Tennis, 18 attending 
                                                               Pic by John Thorn                                                                       Pic by ?
0703, at John Simms' home, good group
  0612, Shogun, newer guy in upper left is John Roberts  0605, Bon Appe Thai, pic by Bernie
Pic by Wes                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pic by Bernie
0522Bubbas No. 1, 18 present
  0522, Bubbas No. 2  0508, Dornans, pic by Bobby Hughes 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pic by Bobby Hughes

0424 at Ocean City, photo by Bernie
  Bernie in the Coronado, 4/17  0327, Pizza Hut
2 Pics by Bernie                                                                                                       

Mar. 20, Virginian  Bert's bird tie  0306 at e.leaven, photo by Charlie Craighead 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pic by Charlie

13 attending at Noras, 2/20. Newbies Dick Dornan at left rear & Joe Burke on rt. rear
  0116, El Abuelito, pic from Peter W.  11 w/1 guest, Dave Dornan, at Pearl St. Market 
Pic by ?

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