Errata and Added Info for my cdrombook:

Wyoming, A History of Film and Video
 in the 20th Century, Shane Edition

***A new copy may be acquired by an owner of an earlier edition by advising me of your purchase date & where obtained with $25.  I will send the newest edition, & pay for the S&H.

Current errata (in red) & additions noted below & on the Shane cdrombook errata page from most recent in descending order from the latest change.

v2.8 - 4/13 - Shane Flubs chapter edited & some other extraneous material removed & 1 new photo added.
- 2/13 - Added much new information after reviewing the 1912 film, Charge of the Light Brigade.
- 8/12 - Removed all the printer friendly (no photos) chapters to conserve dwindling storage space, except for direction info to location sites for the Shane film.
- 5/12 - 16 new or enhanced Shane images, one new image for Any Which Way You Can.
- 3/12 - Enhanced & enlarged many images, while adding about 40 new images to many different film descriptions while cleaning up a number of captions.
- 1/12 - Added 9 images to the section about Shane w/legend info. 3 new images from Yugoslav program of The Far Horizons.
- 8/11 - Added 18 images to the section about Shane.
- 6/11 - Added 133 new images from the film The Mountain Men.
- 9/10 - Added 6 new images to the Shane section.
- 9/10 - Added 62 new images from multiple movies - posters/stills/location shots, etc.  Now at 538mb.
- 8/10 - Added over 40 new images of locations in the Shane section, as well as updated all GPS coordinates.  Added approx. 10 new images to other film location info & GPS coordinates.  Book now at 526mb.
- 7/10 - Added: 1 new Alan Ladd image.
v2.53 - 5/10 - Added 8 new Shane images, 2 new The Far Horizons images, one from The Big Land with narrative, one new Spencer's Mountain and Spoilers of the West images, and 6 from The Big Sky.
- 1/10 - Added 10 new Shane images.
- 8/09 - Added 5 new Shane images, 3 to Bad Bascomb, 6 to Any Which Way You Can, plus svl. new paras of info about Then Came Bronson.
- 5/09 - Added 48 new images to the book: English, German, Japanese & Italian, plus misc. other added info.
- 7/08 - Added images of Japanese promotional magazine about Spencer's Mountain & one of H. Fonda, 10 lobby card images from Seven Alone, and 8 new images from Shane.  
v2.32 - 5/08 - Quantity of misc. edits accomplished in Chap. 8, nothing added of substance.
v2.31 - 5/08 - Misc. new info added to Shane subsection.
v2.3 - 3/08 - Updated info for The Big Sky  and Hellfighters
v2.26 - 11/07 - NEW - Video!  Home movie video clip inserted in Chapter 2 for Son of Lassie.
v2.25 - 11/07 - 5 new images from The Yankee Señor.
v2.24 - 10/07 - Audio interview excerpts from Buck Wayne, Shane's gun-handling consultant, and the very candid Dale Dye, military advisor to Starship Troopers.  Also, several excerpts by Jack Elam about his time spent in Wyo making Jubal and The Wild North.  459mb.
v2.23 - 9/07 - Included audios of interviews with Dewey Martin about Shane, The Big Sky and Seven Alone, as well as Leslie Linka Glatter about Into the Homeland, William Smith about Any Which Way You Can, and Hugh O'Brian about The Fighting Seventh, and another with Bill Neal, Alan Ladd's double in Shane.  Book is now 434mb. Also, several photos in the RKO album for The Big Sky, had images with a person in them attributed to H. Hawks' daughter, Kitty. Previously, they were misidentified (by Dewey Martin), as Kitty was only 3 at the time and the girl in the pictures, is about 15-20.
v2.22 - 8/07 - Numberous minor edits in Chap. 5 & 6.
v2.21 - 6/07 - 21 new images for Shane, 5 from Cheyenne Autumn, and 6 new images for 5 other films.
v2.2 - 1/07 - New images: 25 for Bad Bascomb, 13 for Shane, 1 each in Bad Man of Wyoming, The Far Horizons, The Man from Painted Post, 14 for Seven Alone, & 2 in Son of Lassie.  Added 55 pages from a Portuguese storybook about Shane.
v2.1 - 12/06 - Found numerous bad links in & out of the book as well as bad popups on some photos.  Some prior 2.0 versions of the book have gone out stating they were v1.4.  I have no idea why this happened.  All just mentioned have been checked and fixed.  Basically, all the information is correct, but If you have a copy issued since the start of 2006, let me know if you want another copy & I will replace it: no charge.  The book now tops 400mb in content (350mb MORE than the original 1.0 edition in late 2001!).  New images: 16 - from Shane, Bad Bascomb, The Thundering Herd, Jubal  and Son of Lassie.
v2.0 - 10/06 - NEW - Audio! This version incorporates not only the transcribed interview w/Margaret O'Brien of v1.9, but most of the original interview (edited) in digital audio where you can both hear her responses to the interview questions, or read them in the cdrombook.  Also now included is an excerpt from my interview with Treat Williams regarding The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper. More edited interviews to be included in the future.  Also just added in the Shane section, is an extended interview with George Stevens from 1969 and an interview with Jack Schaefer discussing his book and thoughts on Stevens translation to film from 1988, along with the Lux Radio Theater presentation of Shane and over 92 new images from a variety of films.

v1.9 - 8/06 - No errata, but inclusion of a new film to Chapter 2,The Yankee Senor,  with 71 images from the film 3 to Bad Bascomb, 1 to Son of Lassie, and a transcribed interview with Margaret O'Brien about Bad Bascomb.
v1.8 - 5 & 6/06 - Added a dozen new images to section for The Big Sky in separate sub-chapter & 5 new Bad Bascomb images.
v1.7 - 4/06 - Added 39 new photos from Kay Skvorc toShane section.
v1.6 - 11/05 - Additional data to Appendix A. Added transcript of interview from 1969 with George Stevens about Shane. 117 new images, Shane and Close Encounters with new quantites in The Far Horizons, Starship Troopers, Bad Bascomb, The Mountain Men, The Wild North, Spencer's Mountain, The Big Trail. Also added is a new subchapter of schedules, call sheets, storyboards and more for a 1998 Marlboro commercial.  I have reduced the size of the print in the printable chapters of Shane, to make them more printer friendly.)
v1.5 - 4/05 - Added 47 new photos to Shane and a little new text. Shane chapter images alone total nearly 500.  Also, about 60 new images to main section in The Big Trail, The Far Horizons, The Outlaws is Coming, Smoky, The Big Sky, Spencer's Mountain, The Monroes, Close Encounters & Starship Troopers and another 25 from Any Which Way You Can. Also, updated info (or errata) that El Brendel (The Big Trail) wasn't a Swedish actor but actually an American performing a persona he had invented.  10 pubstills fm. The Wrong Guys & new info.  6 lobby cards fm. Spencers Mountain, 2 photos from The Wild North, 4 press kit images fm. Hellfighters, AND, 163 storyboards from Close Encounters.198mb.
v1.4 - 12/04 - Added short chapter of info/insights regarding Paramount's Pressbook for Shane as well as more Monroes story lines.
v1.3 - 11/04 - About 30 more photos to Shane section as well as 11 new photos in The Big Sky.  Added two new photo "chapters" for easier viewing & rearranged many photos into film's chronological order.  New Monroes TV show info.  Now, 161mb.
v1.2 - 8/04 - Added new chapter of photos of the bar fight in Shane Edition  with new photos and relocated photos of same.
Shane Edition v1.0, Equal to v2.0 of "The Making of Shane".

(The original edition, last listed as v2.1 below, has been discontinued.  All updates to Wyoming film history will hereafter be made in the Shane Edition only.)

v2.2 - 2/07 - Fixed a small number of relatively inconsequential errors of fact.
v2.1, 4/05, same as v1.6 without added Shane images.  Also, updated info (or errata) that El Brendel (The Big Trail) wasn't a Swedish actor but actually an American performing a persona he had invented.  145mb.
v2.0.2, released early Nov. 2004 w/11 new photos in The Big Sky & new info from The Monroes TV series.
v2.0.1, released early April 2004.  Considerable typo, hyphenated word corrections, as well as about 30 new images related to One-Line information regarding locations, maps, cast lists, and shooting schedules forPowWow Highway, Prison, Bronco Buster, and Into the Homeland. Images now at 1680. Also, fixed or deleted approx. 15 broken links outside of book & another 10 inside the book. One egregious item was in my narrative for Close Encounters. I had noted it received 7 Academy noms, & that Spielberg had not been nominated. It received 8, and Spielberg HAD been nominated. Don't know how I missed that one.  Kay Skvorc is officially my book's editor and is contributing considerably to the book's literary, photographic, and physical content.
v2.0, released on Feb. 6, 2004 @ approx. 112mb and changes/adds the following:
1.    18 new photos showing current locations in 2003 opposed to locations at time of filming, plus GPS coordinates included for those locations and many others.
2.    Backstory information inserted in Chap. 1 regarding the real story of the battle at Balaklava per the film Charge of the Light Brigade.
3.    Corrected small amount of cast information for episodes of The Monroes TV series and added new info.
4.    64 new images from 7 films/TV shows: The Monroes, The Wild Country, Rocky IV, The Legend of Earl Durand, The Mountain Men, Any Which Way You Can, The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, Three Bad Men, Pony Express.  Images now at 1646.
5.    9 pages of location sheets from The Blue Horizons.
v1.6, released on 6.15.03 @ approx. 98mb and adds the following:
1.    Para 8 of Chap. 4 previously mentioned that A.B. Guthrie was born in Choteau, MT.  He was not.  Born in Bedford, IN, he moved to Choteau with his parents while an infant.
New Chapter listing titles from WPTV; several new Japanese posters; lots of new misc. information throughout the book.  Considerable new information on two films: Up and SOLO in Chap. 8. Addition of (new) old film, Magic Yellowstone in Chap. 1.  17 new images of posters/stills/candids from Any Which Way You Can, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Spencer's Mountain, Hellfighters, The Big Trail, Dances with Wolves & others.  Total images is now 1563.v1.1, released on 12.1.01 & has the following new info over v1.5.2, released on 10.30.02
6 new images from Bad Bascomb, The Big Trail, & one misc. plus change of some links to my webpage from msnhomepages.... to  Also, updated information on the involvement of Julia Phillips on the film Close Encounters.
v1.5.1, released on 6.01.02
8 new photos fm. Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, Any Which Way You Can, The Big Trail,  & The Mountain Men. Several misc. new stories including the back story from the real D.B. Cooper hijacking.  BBC documentary Way Out West added.
v1.5, released on 5.19.02 @/approx. 95mb, adds the following:
1.    New stories for The Thundering Herd, Three Bad Men, and War Paint.
2.    Previously omitted short chapter on Ski Films in Wyo.
3.    "Devil's" Tower changed to read grammatically correct "Devils" Tower.
4.    506 new photos/storyboards from Starship Troopers.
5.    New stories and 14 candid photos from The Far Horizons.
6.    Book now contains over 1500 images & over 2000 pages of content.
v1.4, released on 3.15.02 @/approx. 68 mb, includes all the below info and
1.    An additional 108 photographs in sections for: Bronco Buster, Jubal, Great American Cowboy, Prison, Into the Homeland, PowWow Highway, Fight of the Wild Stallions, The Monroes, Lakota Moon, Spoilers of the West, War Paint, The Far Horizons, Seven Alone, The Mountain Men, Sweet Creek County War, Starship Troopers, Bad Man of Wyoming, Man from Painted Post, Down the Wyoming Trail, Meet the Deedles, Charge of the Light Brigade, Spencer's Mountain, The Big Sky, Mrs. Pollifax-Spy, The Wild Country, The Big Trail, Bad Bascomb, The Cowboy and the Lady, Yellowstone (1936), Wyoming(1932), and Rocky IV, and 2 Japanese poster images from Bad Bascomb and Any Which Way You Can.
2.    Some very minor additions of text (more info added to Fight of the Wild Stallions), and no text corrections.
3.    A small number of incorrectly attributed photos, corrected.
4.    Photos in Reno and several other films, adjusted to better fit page.
5.    Inclusion of a separate photo chap. w/189 photographs from Dewey Martin's RKO photo album from The Big Sky.
6.    Book now contains about 850 photos in both color & B&W, and is approaching 1500 pgs.
v1.3, released on 1.1.02 @/approx. 42 mb, includes all the below info and
1.    Same as v1.2, but with inclusion of duplicate chapters with no photos.  These chapter would therefore be termed, "printer friendly."  Nothing else new of consequence.  Book is now well over 1,000 pages.
v1.2, released on 12.20.01, includes all the below info and
1.    New photos in a number of sections
2.    Substantial new info in Chap. 9 regarding videos, TV segments
3.    A few corrected typos
4.    Out of book that is now 40mb, almost 4mb were added in text & mostly photos, or, between 50 & 100 paper pages
1.    New photos, including many from Tim McCoy and Wallace Beery films
2.    A small number of corrected typos and grammar errors
3.    Addition of new film/doc in Chap. 8, Fight (Battle) of the Wild Stallions & a couple of new documentaries on the doc list.
v1.0 - Initial release on 11.15.01 @/approx. 32 mb...

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