A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century
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The complete Making of Shane cdrombook is now included in this book.

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Wyoming movie trivia test for film buffs: click HERE.

Certainly sounds pretentious enough.  I have sort of completed a project that started back in 1995 that ultimately included a spin-off book, "The Making of Shane."  I had planned to write a book about the film history of Jackson Hole, but realized that it needed to include all of Wyoming to have any kind of a market.  And, as these things snowball, it expanded to include music videos, documentaries, TV shows, ski films, commercials and more.  I say sort of completed, because as it's written to cd-rom, I can edit it continuously & include new stories, maps, pictures, etc. as I acquire them, although I don't intend to extend this book's content beyond the turn of the 21st Century (Dec. 31st, 2001).  Actually, some of the information dates back into the late 19th Century: a small bonus.

This is an enormous book, far larger than a regular print publisher would bother with.  The main concern is that the reader has literally all the information that I have acquired, with only the effort of a purchase price.  Everything.  You read this book like a website, linking from one chapter to another, from one factoid to another, even being able to click on a link to email me a question about my research or to add to it.  If you have any information that I didn't include, please let me know so I can add it in for the next purchaser.  There are also duplicate chapters that are printer friendly, that have the images deleted and are text only.  Chapters are formed by decade, but the Table of Contents has links directly to ANY of the hundreds of individual projects.

I have an order form that you can link to from right here (or at the bottom of the page) to acquire a copy, or a copy of either of my other 2 books, or multiple quantities of any or all.  Did I miss anything there?  If you don't want to buy from the author at retail, you should be able to get a copy from several bookstores in Jackson.  But, I'll autograph yours if you ask nicely & virtually every copy is updated with new information from the last version.  There is an errata page on my website that can be directly linked from within the book, just in case I might have made an error somewhere: possible however unlikely.  It also lists the most current version of the book, when it was released, and what has been added since the last version.

The book is the equivalent of a paper book well over 3,000 pages in length as of May 2002, with not 30-40 dull gray photos, but over 2,000 in both color and B&W, as well as posters, lobby cards, location maps, aerial photos, on-set candids, etc., all of which can be printed out separately on one's home computer printer.  Directions to location sites around the state, behind the scenes stories & photos, details on how the films were made, info on the premieres, what the stars & crew & extras did while off set, controversies, flubs, technical info, merchandising, reviews and much more.  The book has had a number of interviews that I've accomplished, transcribed to a page on the cdrombook that you could read.  As of Sept. 2006, I've just started taking some of those interviews and putting a recording of the actual interview in the book as a link you can click on and hear the interview rather than just read it!  Listen to Margaret O'Brien talk about Bad Bascomb or to Jack Schaefer discuss how his book Shane came to be or what he thought of the Stevens translation to film, a 1969 extended interview with George Stevens himself, or even the Lux Radio Theater program of Shane.  It brings the history of the book more to life and again, far outclasses a paper book.  More being added like James MacArthur talking about Spencer's Mountain or Rod Steiger discussing Jubal.  Elsewhere, it's just a fun, educational & an enjoyable read.  It could even be a film textbook someday if UWYO is alert (which they haven't been for a long time).  For the film buff, the fan of western history or Americana, or a devotee of Wyoming history, ah, something for everyone, including YOU no doubt.  And, it's also the Perfect Christmas gift if it's that time of year when you read this.

Shane (click on this link to read about my other cdrombook, The Making of Shane), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Big Sky, The Cowboy and the Lady, Yellowstone (1936 or the IMAX version), Bronco Buster, Rocky IV, The Monroes, Dances with Wolves, SOLO, Spencer's Mountain, Starship Troopers, The Legend of Earl Durand, Wild Horses, Bad Bascomb,  and many more.  In 2006, I confimed that scenes from The Yankee Señor, were made in Jackson Hole & have added film info and many images from that film into the book.  All in this one book, tons of info, tons of photos (actually, on cdrom, they're all photons/electrons/digits, and don't weigh that much), and I hope the enjoyment I had collecting the info is passed on in the reading to you.  Thanks for getting a copy if you do, you won't regret it.

July 2006: Comments below by famed movie reviewer Leonard Maltin are excerpted from his web film site, with permission, after he attended the Jackson Hole Film Festival in June. My thanks for his generous words...

"On an outing to Yellowstone National Park it was pointed out to me that the majestic Grand Tetons were the backdrop for George Stevens’ Shane. Of course! Later that weekend my wife and I stopped by the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, where we found a good exhibit about Hollywood’s many trips to the area since the silent era. We were also handed a flyer prepared by Walt Farmer which lists every such film, from The Big Trail to Every Which Way But Loose (wf: Actually, that's Any Which Way You Can). Farmer has prepared a massive history available on CD-ROM called Wyoming: A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century. His web site is www.theastrocowboy.com.

Across the street at the Wort Hotel, built in 1941, we found more movie history on the walls. You can see some of my snapshots here on the Photos page."


This author was featured a while back on the Travel Channel's Wide Open Spaces: Wyoming & Montana on Sunday, April 17th, 2005, talking about Jackson Hole's people, sights and history, and in promos for the 2006 Oscars on British television - GMTV!

One more thing: look for my 7 page article in the recently released Spring/Summer edition of Jackson Hole Magazine.  It chronicles all the feature films made in JH during past Springs & Summers with numerous photos/poster images.  I have a few copies available, email me if you'd like one for $15. including postage.  Other stories are oddly enough, in the magazine too.

Walt Farmer

But, don't take my word for it...from the Jackson Hole Guide, 12.12.01...

Newspaper review

Caveats: Sly wasn't on top of the JHMR & while I'm collecting, I haven't collected "...every single production still available...", but there are a lot of them.

and, the Casper Star Tribune, 12.20.01

Newspaper review2
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Newspaper review2a
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from Jack Swanson of Bainbridge, WA, 12.20.01: "You realize, of course, that if this catches on, it's goodbye books.  Just spent my first five hours with your new project and I gotta say it's a hell of a bargain for $35.  I hope you sell a lot of them.  Your hard work shows.  It's impressive, incredibly informative and damn easy to use.  I just popped it in and Windows XP did the rest."

and lastly, from the Jackson Hole News, 12/19/01

Newspaper review3

"Thirty years of acting experience in motion pictures, television and theatre has taught me to recognize and appreciate exceptional talent. Walt Farmer is a gifted writer with the tenacity to dig out all there is to know about a subject. Wyoming has always been a "Gift from God" to Hollywood moviemakers and Walt Farmer is the perfect writer to chronicle this chapter in motion picture history."

Dewey Martin, from the foreward of the book.
 Mr. Martin was the lead actor in The Big Sky and Seven Alone.

jhhsm pano

Panoramic of the 2002 display at the Jackson Hole Historical Society Museum (w/a little flaw in the center), scroll your bar to the right to see the whole picture.  As it's the most popular exhibit at the museum, it is still on display there, and much if not most of the exhibit is from my personal collection.

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