A Complete Digital Music Guide: The Best Way to Store, Organize, and Play Digital Music

Staying organized and clutter free are some of the buzz words that we often come across and to a large extent, it helps in a better functioning too. A music enthusiast would know how these play an important in their lives. Just like an organized home that looks beautiful and manageable, it’s important to manage your files and data regularly. Let’s look at some ways through which we can stay organized and gain access immediately at a hand’s reach.

  • To begin with transfer your contents to a folder in your computer preferably in an external drive so that it does not consume much of your internal space.
  • Creating folders for each different genre also plays an important role as it enables you to access your music in a hassle-free manner. Within the main folders, sub-folders can be created which help you narrow down the access to your files. Name your folders as per your convenience.
  • You can also try storing it under a particular artist’s name in case you prefer listening to songs based on the artist.
  • Songs which you often prefer to listen to can be stored in your favorite folder through which you can gain immediate access without much of fidgeting.
  • There are various apps like GoSoundCloud which provides access to the tracks of artists, producers, and musicians. Make use of technology to stay updated and upgraded.
  • Storing your favorite songs in an i-pod will help you stay connected with your music. Portable music players like these which come in varying options will make your life better.
  • Some of the apps available within your OS also will be of great help in making you stay organized as far as the music files are concerned.
  • Delete unwanted files or unknown files in a frequent manner to maintain your folder clutter free.