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The music performers linked from this page is all foreign language music from my collection.  It was originally on cds, cassettes & LPs & has been digitized while more in my collection are still in the digitizing process.  It is listed by performer x how many albums I have of that performer.  I do not wish to sell the originals of these "albums" but am willing to provide copies to public or community radio stations that have an announcer that is familiar with this type of music.  As such, the person acquiring the music would need to provide me with a hard drive of sufficient size to accommodate the requests.  Also, no music or album notes would be available, just the music in digital uncompressed .wav format although some (approx. 5% of my collection), as specifically noted, is in compressed .mp3.  It's all comp, but a donation would be appreciated for my efforts (it's been expensive over the years to accumulate all this music, &, I'd like to keep going) at a suggested amount of .50 cents to $1. per album.  For more specifics, contact me directly.  Languages currently include: French, Latin/Spanish (Cubano, So. American, Mexico, Spain, Cent. America, other), Portuguese (from Brazil, Portugal, etc.), Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish, Norweigian), Dutch (Flemish), Japanese, Chinese, Indian (the country), Hungarian, Slovak (Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Bosnian, etc.), American (Hawaiian), Italian, African (generic to the continent), Greek, foreign artists performing their hits & other songs in English, and other misc.  Peruse the lot for any specific language as obviously in collecting, I have my preferences which may or may not, coincide with yours.  Most music is of the "pop" variety, but others include folk, rock, ethnic, jazz & other depending on the country's preferences.  It is eclectic, varied, or whatever you might attribute, but so much is great music that I share with my audience here in Wyoming & when I lived in San Antonio, TX, who enjoy listening to the different cultures, styles, & rhythms.  While not intended to make money from this, it is an opportunity for a public or community station to acquire a large ethnic library to share this type of music with your community that they've likely never heard before.

French        German        Italian        Hawaiian/Island

Chinese/Japanese        Portuguese        English        Scandinavian

Eastern/Russian/Slovak        Latin/Spanish        Misc.-Hungarian/Polish/Indian/Greek/African/Dutch/Flemish/Other

(All songs will come in folders per last name of performer/first name, album title, year of production if known.  Spelling is superior, although punctuation or accent marks, etc., may not be on all titles.  Some titles may be translated into English.  Some songs will be in English & noted accordingly.)

Walt Farmer
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We all collect different things in our lives, and my thing is foreign language music, why, I don't know.  I started when I was in the military at Laredo AFB on the border w/Mexico in 1969, when I heard Julio Iglesias' song "Rio Rebelde" & "Por Una Mujer"and knew the rhythm & music was captivating.  My collection has grown to an enormous quantity & with the advent of digitalization, I suppose I have the opportunity to share it with others although the digitization process for cassettes & LPs is very time-consuming.  I have many more on open-reel tape, but those may never get copied, as I still have a long way to go with just my LPs.  French & Portuguese are what I enjoy most due to the diversity of the music, the rhythms, & the intellect of the lyrics.  Little American music does much for me with the I, IV, & V chords used so repetitively to nausea.  (And I really don't speak much of French & nothing of Portuguese.)  A polyglot I'm not.  But, I have a degree in music education & I know what I like & while there are some real clunkers in this collection, most is quite good & much is absolutely brilliant & wonderful to listen too.  I share it with a minimal audience here in Jackson, WY now & I know that if others could be exposed to this wonderful music, it will literally open up a new world to them & I know so few people have gone to the trouble to acquire such a large personal collection as I.  Perhaps you have an affinity to this sort of thing, or just enjoy a couple of languages rather than the whole variety I've listed on the linked pages.  Oh, I enjoy Leonard Cohen & Paul Simon & Sinatra & Willie Nelson & Jimmie Buffett too, but this has been my passion for a long time & I'd like to share it with others.  Let me know if you're interested.  Walt