Canada Vacation Images, May 2010

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Some are in 3D, so get your glasses out.
We went to see two concerts by Yves Duteil promoting his latest recording, one in Riviere-du-Loup & the second in Salabery-de-Valleyfield.  Yves let me into his rehearsal/sound check at Salabery & both concerts were great.  We have another new poster for the hallway.  I got sick on day 3 of the 2-week trip, so much of the vacation wasn't as pleasant as hoped for.  We did deduce several things about Canada.  Little wildlife, only 5 Prius's in the country, bad roads everywhere, & it's almost as cold in May as in WY.

Terminal where the hijackers of UA Flt. 93, that crashed in Shanksville, PA, left on 9/11.

Montreal, Olympic Ski Jump  From the garden park  From the Japanese garden

Montreal Olympic Village from Ski jump  Wall art, Riviere-du-Loup  Breakfast in La Baie at the Auberge des Battures

  Kay &  the moose, Canyon St. Anne  Canyon St. Anne  Kay & the Fox

  3D w/the fox  St. Anne Riviere  St. Anne Riviere, rainbow

Canyon St. Anne  Canyon St. Anne  Kay in 3D

  Church mural at St. Anne du Beaupre  Building in Vieux (Old) Quebec

Kay with Yves Duteil at Salabery de Valleyfield concert  From 1984 in Orleans, to Salabery-de-Valleyfield in 2010, Yves Duteil

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