Marine Corps in Jackson, WY

Recruiting Station Salt Lake City

2005        2006        2007

Each year since 2004, at the time of the Marine Corps birthday, RSSLC has been coming to Jackson to hold training, R&R, and their annual Ball for recruiters from the NW region. They're a good group and this is a sampling of the work and fun they've had here the last two years. Some images have captions, but I don't know everyone. Click on the above years to jump to that year's pics. Photographer: Walt Farmer

Wetdown at Sidewinders...

The SgtMaj inspects The SgtMaj and Lisa Winders, leader of the KVs ac

The Commander and Joe Rice, owner of Sidewinders, a Marine RIO ae

Gal-time at Spring Creek Ranch ...

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bd be bf

bg bh

Training, awards, rehearsal, and a visit with Ken Thomasma...

cb cc ce

cf cg da

db dc ea

eb ec ed

fa Author and storyteller, Ken Thomasma Commander's wife and kid

Pre Ball, Ball (w/Wyoming Sen. Craig Thomas), Post Ball...

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hd he hf

hg ih ii

ij ik Guest Speaker Sen. Craig Thomas

im in io

ip ja jb

jc jd je

jf jg jh

z Can 2006 be far ahead?

November 2006

Wetdown at Sidewinders w/Richard Petty

1 Richard Petty of Alpine, WY and Level Cross, NC

3 4

5 6

7 8


Spring Creek Ranch - Wives, girlfriends and kids...

10 11

Awards ceremony, Colors practice for the Ball...

12 13

14 15


After a proposal, and at the Ball...

He just proposed 18

19, SgtMaj and the Major 20

21 22

23 24

25 26

And now the party...

27 28 Unofficial drill ceremony

30 31

32 33

34 35

36 Semper Fi...See you in '07.

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