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Due to health concerns, I can no longer do the movie tours.  Posted here are a few images from past tours as I value the friendships I've made & would like to share them here.  If you have either of my cdrombooks, there are detailed directions to all the movie locations both to many around the state, & especially to all in the Jackson Hole area seen below.  Enjoy.....

British TV crew at the Amangani resort  British film crew, 2006, at the Ernie Wright homestead

British TV crew with the author, 2006  The Babbitts at the Starrett homestead

4 movies had scenes done here, Jubal, Far Horizons, Dream West & ?, before the Maryland Blomquists came  The Chapmans, quick on the trigger

Chihiro, writer for the Tokio Asahi Shinbun  My great Italian friend Nic, with the Kentgen crew from Chicago   

Grreat friend & fellow author: Carlo Gaberscek of Udine, Italy  The Hanauers at the Shane water crossing  California doctors, the Griffins

It's those dreaded Harned brothers.  Doctors, Hippocratic oath & carrying guns.  John, another Englander, where the Starrett cabin once stood, in 2003  Californian Marty, taking aim on a Ryker no doubt

It's the Colorado McMurdo clan at The Big Trail site  The London Menashys at Schwabacher Landing, 2008

Mike & Jo Barnes  It's the dreaded gunfighter Nick Artz

Phil Devine just after the burial of Torrey.  The English Quibles

The staff at Rakuda at the location where Shane entered the valley.  The Washington Warnocks

The Flaskeruds of Nevada in 2001  A bonnie Aussie - Sarah Bowing

The Boston Heerys are here.

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