Statement from Col Strobl on 6/15/09

    Iím glad that you all are making the time to watch ďTaking Chance.Ē  Unfortunately, I think we sometimes get desensitized to the statistics regarding our war casualties.  Hopefully this story will allow you to pause and reflect on the fact that each of our casualties affected, and was loved by, many people.  The loss of every service member deeply impacts their fellow service members, their friends, and, most especially, their families.  Their loss is our Nationís loss.

    Along my journey with Chance I observed so many simple and quite acts of gratitude and sympathy.  It started in Virginia and continued to Delaware , Pennsylvania , Minnesota , and Montana .  By the time we reached Wyoming I had been soundly reminded that there are so many good people in this country.  The respect shown all across America for Chance and his family was remarkable.  I observed many heartfelt acts of kindness and gratitude and, taken together, they represented a profound decency that is at the core of this country.  This decency was especially noticeable in Wyoming where so many good people came together in support of Chanceís family. 

    I wish I could be there with you tonight.  In many ways, I am jealous of those of you who get to live in Wyoming .  Not only are you surrounded by natural beauty but you are also surrounded by wonderful and caring people; people like Chance and his family. 

    I hope you share my pride in America and, especially, Wyoming , as you watch this movie.  It is for people like you that Chance gave his life protecting.  I think, in many ways, you honor his legacy by continuing to care for each other and by remembering that freedom isnít free.

Best regards,


Mike Strobl
LtCol   USMC (ret)