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Literally years in the making, after all, it took 2 years from shooting before Shane hit the screen, my long awaited (at least by me) book is available. However, it's not in book format, rather cdrombook format.

In cdrombook format, you'll get a lot more for your purchase than you probably would if a book publisher put it together (roughly 500 - 800 pgs.). This project has over 400 images, many of which have never been seen by Shane fans before. While there are publicity stills and the type of shots you'd expect, there are many many candids, taken by extras and visitors to the set.  There are also copies of tickets to the set given quid pro quo to locals providing services, numerous poster images from other countries, memorabilia items and book covers, and other fun stuff to look at.  As of v2.0, there's even a complete script for the film from one week before shooting began.  Each new copy has the latest updates of my research included, which of course couldn't be done if it were in paper format.  Every now and then, I still get a new lead for a story or a picture.  However, while a bit longish (we talk funny in Wyoming), you can always print it out on your computer.  To be clear, there is NO video on this cd, which is to say no music or video clips from the film.  However, as of Oct. 2006 (v2.8), I have started to add excerpts of interviews as audio .mp3 files so that you can hear the interviews as well as read them, such as the one I've just added of Jack Schaefer talking about both his book and his impression of the film in 1988, a 1969 interview with George Stevens himself, or the Lux Radio Theater presentation of Shane.

Danish poster

Similarly, there are many interviews with those who helped put the movie together, the ones who were there helping to make the film, watching it being made, and from those who observed the goings on...on the set and offset in town.

There was extensive research into the making of the film. I visited the Motion Picture Academy's Margaret Herrick Library in Los Angeles several times, as well as tracking down every location used in the film. There are not one but two chapters devoted to detailed descriptions of where these sites are. The second chapter even gives specific GPS coordinates for each location,  and maps to point out where to find these GPS locations just in case you're an avid fan who has to stand on the sacred ground where Alan Ladd performed.

Hyperlinks take you easily through the cdrombook to quick reference various items talked about. It's all designed with the Shane fan in mind. 2001 was the 50th anniversary of when the film was made, and any true fan would be remiss not to have a copy of this comprehensive and shiny little disk.  It should go without saying, but I'm not proud, it will make the "PERFECT" Xmas gift.  However, Xmas is now over so you ought to get one for next Xmas.

The cost is $25. which includes tax and S&H, to hand you a copy or to acquire one from most retail outlets. Add $5. for shipping/handling, and it'll be sent to your door by USPS, ASAP post haste (pun) forthwith. (For those of you in Europe or Asia, and believe me, there are a number of you, refer to book order form below.  It takes about 10 days to get one to Europe as I've already found out.  Money order seems to be the best means of payment.  Email me if you have any questions.)  Cash or your personal check is accepted but no credit cards from this old gunfighter (I used to run the Jackson Hole Shootout Gang, so I can legitimately call myself a retired gunfighter.). Make out and send to the author at: 505 Ponderosa Dr., Jackson, WY 83001or CLICK HERE FOR A BOOK ORDER FORM.)  There will be a prompt response.  Let me know if you'd like to have it personalized in some fashion.  (NOTE: To purchasers outside the United States.  Postal authorities in other countries have been known to charge some sort of import fee on these mailings.  So far, only one has done so that I have been advised about & in the case of another person sent a copy in the same country, they were not charged any duty fee.  Neither the U.S. Postal Service nor I have any control over this.)

Book cover

For locals in or visitors to the Jackson area, copies are now also available at some local stores: JH Book Traders,  Teton Bookshop, & from myself(see the Book Order form link above.).  (It was also featured in the July 2001 issue of "Cowboys and Indians" Magazine.)

( I have written another book about ALL of Wyoming's film history, "Wyoming, A History of Film & Video in the 20th Century, Shane Edition."  It's equivalent to over a 3,000 pg. book w/over 2000 images & is on cdrom like the Shane cdrombook.  In fact, it has the complete Shane cdrombook inside it. It also includes thorough historical info about feature films, shorts, TV shows, ski films, documentaries, music videos, locations, background stories, maps & so much more.  It sells for $40., postage included, & more about this book is on the book's webpage. )

Find out about all the flubs and flaws in the movie, and there were quite a few. Learn about Jack Palance's fast draw instructions and where he got his 2 gun rig. Learn why Alan Ladd had to move his family out of the local hotel right after filming began. What did one of the Doughty boys do to Brandon de Wilde while filming in Hollywood? Exactly where was the town site and are any buildings still standing? What did Van Heflin keep losing in the Snake River? Where did George Stevens film the meeting of the homesteaders during the rainstorm? What was scenarist A.B. Guthrie doing when Shane started production? Or, just how many setups and takes were there to film Shane's shooting demo for Joey in the corral? So much information for the scholar, the avid fan, or just the casual viewer of this classic western.

Brandon & the boys

                                                                                                                   Photo courtesy Juanita McGhee
                                                                          Brandon de Wilde & the Doughty boys

If you have any advance questions, drop me an email. I'm sure you'll enjoy all this information as much as I have collecting it.  My first three sales have given me great testimonials on composition & content & note the newspaper review in the Dec. 13th issue of the Jackson Hole News.

Walt Farmer

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If you have any problems after acquiring a copy with the autostart function, try these options to get into the book.  (Only about 1-2% have ever had any difficulty & I'll refund of course, if you try the options & for any reason still aren't successful.)

A couple of unsolicited testimonials from the first 3 persons to read the first edition of the cdrombook, 9.00:

J.P. Brooks, airline pilot, Camas, WA..."WOW!!!  I have not stopped with 'The Making of Shane' since I got it at 1300 local.  My wife had to come into the study and pull me away from it.  I would love to make a trip to JH & hike out to the sites with my GPS...Stand and listen to the echoes of the past with sincere and near reverent respect.  The cd is sure to be something that the NY Times needs to find out about.  It is a class act you have put together and I look forward to the day it becomes #1 on the NY Times best seller list.  I hope the Mecca to JH is one that is taken with sincere want of 'finding out' how the magic was made.  Your cd reflects every thing that happened there 50 years ago next Sept."

From retired teacher Pat Hughes of Carmel, CA..." is awesome.  So complete, interesting, vocabulary superior, long sentences that flow, bits of humor dispersed, good stories, analysis of content and reasons for the strength of the film.  I did most of the reading in the early hours of this morning when I could concentrate and was spellbound even though you had given much of the information to me in conversations or talks before.  That shows your ability to write.  The effort you put forth and in a new format seems to be astronomical, and it leads the reader to new depths especially with the maps, air photos, and descriptions of the sites.  I believe you are correct when you say this is better than a book, as the diversity is much better than what could be put in print for a low cost, and you would not be under an editor's thumb.  I consider it a privelege to be a friend of such a knowledgeable and creative person.  I know it was a work of love, but talent abounds in your persona."

Jack Swanson, Professor, from Bainbridge Island, WA..."Truly magnificent.  What a job!  Haven't had a chance to read the whole thing - - it'll take a week -- but it's superbly laid out, full of juicy stuff and wonderfully easy to navigate.  Lots of buttons for roving and stuff.  I like that.  You've spent a lot of time on this puppy, and it deserves to sell."

Here's a LINK  to an unsolicited endorsement from a James Dannenberg, a free-lance travel writer as it appeared in Aug. 2006 issues of the Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times.

Book signing.  Photo by Kay Farmer
Author (on left) with JH Book Traders owner Dean Stayner
at book signing at Beantown in Jackson, 12.17.00.

An article in the Japanese magazine Rakuda for Aug.-Sept. 2007, courtesy the Wyoming Tourism Office and James Scoon. Makoto Fukuda - Senior Editor, photographer Naonori Kohira, and Michio Michael Higashi. Remember, in Japanese, you read from left to right. Four of the five pages below are reproduced slightly larger than actual size.

Cover of Rakuda magazine, July-Aug. 2007

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Senior Editor of Rakuda Magazine, Makoto Fukuda, and guide Walt Farmer, at the Cemetery Hill location from Shane.

Page 4

Below is an article than ran in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper across (circulation 8.5 million) Japan in Jan. of 2007 by Hiromitsu Ueki and his photographer Akira Ono. I gave them a tour of the area compliments of the Wyoming Film Commission, and movie locations, specifically for the movie Shane, in Sept. of 2006. The article mentions me, my cdrombook, and other things to see and do in the Jackson area as promoted by Jackson's Mayor Mark Barron. (English graphics in red & white, were added by me per Mr. Ueki's translation.) Wyoming is popular across the Pacific.

Asahi Shimbun 1

Shimbun 2


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