Shootout on the Town Square, The Story of the Jackson Hole Shootout
This book is a paper book, 44 pages with photographs, about the history of the Jackson Hole Shootout.  Stories included of how the Shootout was originated, from Gang members over the years, photos of Gang members and events, & I'll even throw in a souvenir postcard while they last.
Author is 2nd from right

Written in 1994, it's an homage to the show in which this author was an actor and manager between 1993 and 1997, and a show which is known to be the longest running show of its kind in the United States.  From "Clover the Killer" to Bill Westbrook, the Gang included a former military officer, a Jackson Mayor, local playhouse members, a minister and a small variety of lesser characters.  Read about the players, the scripts, the accidents & hurrahs, and some of the celebrities that have joined us in times past.
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