LINKS to my Various Photo Images

Stereo or 3D - Mostly aircraft in museums, but people & places too
including the Discovery Channel Telescope in Feb. of 2011.

Other 2D Images - Airshows, misc.

Panoramics - Honolulu, GTNP, Chief Joseph Hwy., WWII Memorial, etc.
String Lake Panoramics,
from 2004

Straight Images - Astronomy, Scenics, Aurora, Griz, Clouds, etc.

Wildlife in Grand Teton Nat'l Park - Moose, Griz, Bison, Coyotes, Pronghorn, etc.

Wildlife in My Backyard - Moose, Deer, Birds, Elk, Bison, Salamanders, etc.

The Foxes & All the Kits - since 2001

An Homage to Eiji Oue

Ribault 40th Class of '64 Reunion Pics - 2004

Aerials over Jacksonville, FL, 2004

Jan. 1981 Images at the Ronald Reagan Inaugural

Canada Vacation 2010



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