The Seven Wonders of Wyoming

According to...............Me

After all, it's my website.

All photos by ©Walt Farmer unless noted otherwise.



The Tetons, of course

"Typical" sunset



Devils Tower

Close Encounter story board, Columbia Pictures



The Geysers, and other geothermal features of, Yellowstone

Old Faithful in winter

Geyser basin



The Train, aka Union Pacific RR's "BigBoy 4004" at Holliday Park in Cheyenne

 Right now, I can't find my images of the monster engine, one of 25 of the largest steam engines ever built. I'll find it.


Hell's Half Acre

A little more than a half acre, near Casper, Wyo



The Chief Joseph Highway

Scroll the slider to the right for the whole picture.

From the top of the mountain looking into Sunlight Basin

Has to be seen for real to be believed

 Top image is from the top of the road, "Dead Indian Summit" alt. 8060 ft. The second is down about 1,000 ft. along the road. This has to be seen for real to be believed & is only a short distance from the equally unbelievable "Beartooth Pass." The gorge at the bottom of the valley is spectacular as well.


I'm still thinking on No. 7, keep watching this space. It would've been easy if Dolly Parton had been born in Wyoming.


And the Eighth Wonder of Wyoming?

Dick Cheney. It's a wonder this arrogant Man-Who-Would-be-King but is a war-criminal instead, born in Casper and living (sort of) in Jackson, was serving two terms at the vice-president of the United States!                   America, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

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