Some Walt Farmer Photography

Andromeda Galaxy

JH Aurora Cody, WY to the SW The coyote & the elk
All photos by ©Walt Farmer, click on photo for enlargement.
GTNP Coyote 2nd image Dubois, WY to the NE Elk wrangling by copter
YNP's Grand Prismatic Spring The Grand Comet Hale-Bopp Griz S of YNP
 Montana river Old Faithful in YNP, WY Teton Pines Pleiades open star cluster
Jackson, WY to NE Mammoth, YNP, WY Lost Lake Kelly, WY
Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, Vancouver, BC, Canada The Grand again   Granite Falls, WY

Here's a LINK to a group of shots of great clouds over JH in 6/09 w/astronomical analogies.

20060622 20060622 20060622  

4/08 at N end of Blacktail Butte, one of 3-2 yr. old cubs  Mom Griz & 3 2 yr. old cubs at N end of Blacktail Butte, 4/08

100129 Last light on the Indian  100129 Moonrise over the Gros Ventres

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