Sunset, Clouds, Storms - over Jackson Hole on 6/29/09
As seen by an astronomer type

The multitude of cloud types that permeated the sky about 9pm.

A specific cloud highlighted by the setting sun.

In perspective

A monster cloud to the SW

The brief formation of a wormhole

Sunset reflecting above the Tetons

I think that's the Horsehead Nebula in the upper right

Remember those Hubble images of the star forming regions in those pillars of the Eagle Nebula?

Well, here they are in Earth's atmosphere.  (This pic is upside down!)

Could this be some sort of supernova remnant?

Here's a shot from an airplane of a wind-whipped tidal wave (tsunami) about to hit the shore of Hawai`i!

Same shot with the half-Moon in it!

A small panorama of the southern end of the Tetons.

See those star forming regions again?  Amazing.

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