Thumb 2D Images from May/June 2004 trip to NYC, VA & DC

Click for 3D (Many of these were handheld shots & quality on some isn't as good as desired.)

Aft deck of the submarine USS Growler at the USS Intrepid Museum Aft torpedo room on the Growler Wheelhouse of the USS Intrepid

FJ1 Fury in front of the Island of the USS Intrepid F14 Tomcat on the USS Intrepid Webhost on Time's Square, photo by Kay

Dunker Church, cannons, at Antietam battlefield in VA, scene of Civil War battle with largest casualties in U.S. history Bronze bas relief of horse, one of hundreds of monuments on the battlefield at Gettysburg Deuce and a half at the WWII Memorial event

Cockpit bubble of the AR234B at the Udvar-Hazy Museum of the Smithsonian Enola Gay, B29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  At the Udvar-Hazy. F6F5 Hellcat at the Udvar-Hazy.

P40 Tigershark at the Udvar-Hazy Shuttle Enterprise at the Udvar-Hazy Planetarium projector at the Air & Space Museum

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