Jackson Area 3-Ds

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Deaf as a Post Lunch Group-Bert-Mike-John-Charlie-Ken-Bryan-Richard-Ed-Brian-Ron Nat'l Museum of Wildlife Art Library dragon Legion members, 2/17/04: Kummer,Eggers,VanNostrand,LaLonde,Kranenburg,Daveler,D.Lamb,Bentlage,T.Lamb,LaRue  oops, Hwy. 89 at Sagebrush, nobody hurt

5-ton transport unit for the 726th ACS from Mountain Home AFB, ID Radar at overlook in GTNP, used to monitor air traffic during visits by Vice-President Some of the contingent from the 726th ACS in front of their radar screen & the Tetons

Photo tinting group excursion in YNP, 6/05

Lower Mesa Falls 1 Lower Mesa Falls 2 Lower Mesa Falls 3 Upper Mesa Falls 1 Upper Mesa Falls 2

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