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Click on image to link to 3-D image, then click on box in lower right of that picture to enlarge further.
Again, images require red/blue anaglyphic glasses to see 3D depth. has some for $2.

Moon image from NASA. Mars Lander images composited from images at JPL.

Opportunity SOL 85 Sol 85, compare with pic to left, 3-D image from JPL

Spirit Day 75 Spirit Day 72 Spirit Day 89 Spirit Day 87, note drill impressions

Spirit SOL 51 Opportunity, SOL 26 Opportunity SOL 33 Spirit SOL 52

SOL 47, trench dug by wheels of Spirit lander Spirit SOL 50 Spirit SOL 50

Moon, Nat'l Air & Space Museum  Mars rover Spirit & lander  Opportunity on SOL 14  Opportunity on SOL 16 

Click for larger 3D of Mars crater w/water ice, coutesy ESA, Mars Express spacecraft  Click here for more ESA 3D images, then click on "Mars Express Images" link on left.  Great 3D.

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