Dec. 26, 2008

Snow King Resort's Grand Room

Approx. 160 Guests and Locals

It is my wish and that of Mr. Anonymous, that the dedication to our country by those military and Secret Service agents attending this event, be recognized and honored.  Please tell your service friends, that while not everyone may know of everything you do for us to protect us from those who would do us harm, that we didn't raise our right hands just to serve some segment of American society, but to protect all, even those who might not agree with what we're called upon to do.  Tell them that many do acknowledge and appreciate their sacrifices on our behalf.  Tonight, was just a small token for a few, of that expression and we hope a good time was had by all.  From your friends in Jackson, WY...


Honored Guest: WWII POW "Stearnie" Stearns of Wilson addressing the audience  One more

Pictures from the gift raffle below...

Donation List

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One of the Cunningham clan  7

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16  Event MC & Chief Raffle-eer, JPD Chief Dan Zivkovich

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24, Mike  25

26, John  27

28  Local Ray Brence

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After the raffle...

SA Lee Dotson  Dan Zivkovich - Note the flag draped chair honoring our POWs and MIAs.

Sandra Bockman  35, Bart's Band

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