Military Appreciation Dinner - 2007
"Operation Thank You 4"


As expected, actually more than expected, this was a great party last night.  Over 200 apparently attended, more than any previous year & it certainly appears a great time was had by all.  I got all the photos uplinked to the website, so here's your link to go see them.  Our thanks to all that donated something in services, gifts or cash.  Please note them again below & advise if I've left anyone out as I sure didn't mean to if I did.  The gift total was very nice this year,Chief Zivkovich did a great job hosting, and we'll hope to have you back again next year.

  To my friend Mr. Anonymous, ya done good & it was much appreciated.

Sunday December 23 at Snow King Resort in the Grand Room from 6pm until 10pm

Our M.C. will be Town of Jackson Police Chief Dan Zivkovich

            Entertainment will be provided by Simone Awhina, and Bart's Band

Welcome to this page for those who just got the email notification from Foster Friess. Please read about the event below. Unfortunately, due to providing information to the event provider, Snow King, I will need your RSVP no later than......tada.....TODAY, by tonight. Please CALL me (733.2173 or 690.6909), not email, to advise how many & if there will be younger people attending as there's a price differential. This also applies to any one else finding out about the event today, Thurs. 12/20/07. You can advise if you would like to get earlier notice for next year's event by email in Nov. 2008.

Our Anonymous Benefactor has agreed to pay for the meals for all the military attendees again this year, while another donor has agreed to cover the bar for military as well. Admission for dinner/etc. for all others will be $35.50. per at the door and there will be a cash bar. (While I wish dinners of others such as local fire/police or government workers could be subsidized as well, I apologize that we cannot.)   Children age 6-12 can get a reduced meal ticket of $21., while children 5 & under can be admitted free. It should be obvious, but there will be alcohol served at the event.  We've never had any problems in previous years & I'm sure everyone will drink responsibly, it's that kind of crowd.  If there is a problem, let me know as I will take responsibilty to cut off any one if necessary.

(Please bring cash or check to the event as we don't have credit card capability, thanks.)
I hope to have several donations for comp tickets if you can't afford the buy-in for dinner but would like to attend.  Please don't just show up in anticipation of getting one of these tickets, you will need to call me at 733.2173 or 690.6909 in advance.

The menu will include - 1. Carved roast prime rib au jus. 2. Roast turkey w/stuffing & country gravy. Cranberry sauce, glazed yams w/honey, allspice and marshmellows.  Also: SK house salad, rolls, sauces, mashed potatoes w/butter & garlic, peach cobbler & ice cream, yuletide vegetables, coffee - decaf, tea, hot-spiced cider, non-alcoholic eggnog, assorted sodas.

This will not be a religious or political event, simply a social appreciation-holiday season party for military here in support of a local resident visiting his undisclosed location (rimshot).  It is an opportunity for us to say "Thank You" to those who serve and share a holiday evening with them when many cannot be at their own homes with their families over the holidays. We are anticipating about 60 military members and Secret Service to attend this year as well as 9 or more locals & their families, who were serving in Iraq or Afghanistan this past year.  We hope you too (open to the public of JH & anywhere else that would like to come) will attend and visit with these soldiers & others. If anyone wishes to provide a gift for the event as a few will, we will again have a raffle that our military guests can participate in.  (The Secret Service agents cannot accept gifts anyway, so all gifts will go to those visiting & local military members.) You can let me know in advance if you do have something to chip in & I'll be glad to stop by and pick it up from you.  While a gift donation is appreciated, it's your attendance to visit with these military, that is most desired.  Also, I will reluctantly accept (welcome) monetary donations.  I am not a 501(c)(3) or other charitable donation option with the IRS, so, the money will go into my personal account.  From there I will either purchase a gift for the raffle or put the money to a comp ticket for local persons who can't afford the buy-in for the dinner but would like to attend the event.  You will have to trust me for this if you make a monetary donation. Please call/email Walt Farmer at 307.733.2173 or Sandra Bockman at 307.733.3316 or 543.2135, or Kay Farmer at the Teton Co. Library, to ask any questions about the event. While the event isn't publicized, it was well-attended last year and a great time was had by all. We're hoping for wider dissemination this year, so tell your friends, & you're encouraged to pass on the address of this webpage   (\MilXmas\07\Party.htm). (Note capital letters....)

 I need an RSVP of your attendance (with or without guests) at the dinner by no later than Dec. 20th, to advise Snow King of how many to plan for, and seating is limited to about 300 including military. The party is set for..... Sunday the 23rd. (You only need contact Walt to RSVP for the dinner. Last year, about a dozen people made reservations but didn't show up. I had to tell Snow King they were coming & pay for them anyway. If you make a reservation but realize you or others in your party can't come, I'd appreciate your professional courtesy to let me know in advance.) Our thank you to anyone who donates or attends in our recurring effort to not only say, but show, that we support our troops and in particular - to our Anonymous Benefactor who jump-started this wonderful event in 2004.  This will be our fourth year with one more anticipated. Walt Farmer

Here's a LINK to the page describing last year's party, gift acknowledgments, hosts, etc.  No one has requested any acknowledgment of donations they have made to this event.  I place their names or links, etc., here, unless they've specifically asked not to be placed, as a minimum consideration of their generosity.  They don't make the event (except No. 1), but they do help make it more special.  They get no tax consideration either, these gifts are from their hearts, & I wish to thank them personally for participating.  Perhaps you will as well.

GIFT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS so far, for 2007... for specific item list, click here.

1.  Dinner for military and Secret Service, and cost of the room, covered by Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous
2.   Dr. (LCDR) Richard Sugden, and Pete Mead, are covering the guest's bar tab.

3.    Dr. Brent Blue and Aeromedix, has donated several door prizes, as usual actually.
4.    Tim Mayo is making a generous cash donation.
5.    Rick Hollingsworth has donated 3 dozen baseball caps again from his Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Gift Shop, thanks.
6.    Safaa and Jim Darwiche share several wonderful presents from their Touch of Class store.
7.    Kay Farmer with a cash donation.
8.  Bart's Band - Terry Bart, Ron Daveler and Mark Memmer, are donating their performance.
9.    Foster Friess is subsidizing entertainment provided by Miss Awhina.
10.    Sheila Broome (Lancaster, SC) is making a cash donation in honor of her father, Col Robert A. Smith, U.S.A. Signal Corps.
11.    William G. Kerr made a cash donation.
12.  Cynthia Riedel is providing several gift raffle items, they're a surprise.
  13. State Sen. Grant Larson chips in with a cash donation.
  14. Don Perkins of Teton Aquatic Supply provides a gift.
15.  Jackson State Bank has chipped in with a generous donation.
 16.  Jade Walsh makes a cash donation.
 17.  Personal gifts from Valerie Music at All About You Hair Salon
 18.  USSS keepsakes per the USSS
 19.  Steve and Sue Morriss gave us a cash donation.

Whoever you are, whatever you chipped in...THANKS, wf

 Here's a LINK to a quantity of photos from the 2006 event. Below are just a few from last year...

Military, Secret Service, locals, at the 2006 holiday dinner in Snow King's Grand Room.

1, Locals mixing with the visiting military 2, AFII crew in foreground, Keith Phllips in background.

Dinner and Entertainment

3, Mayor Barron helps with the raffle. 4

Some holiday gifts...

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