This page is an interface page to a variety of military related events, commemorations, etc.,

 that I have either coordinated, helped to coordinate, or continue to work on,

from the WWII Memorial & the POW/MIA issue, to the C-130 Memorial event,

helping the Marines or the Legion post, and others.  I have been proud to do so & hope

to do more in the future as requests, time, & health permit.


WWII Memorial

Events Honoring Jim VanNostrand

C-130 Crash and 10-yr. Memorial Event

Benefit showing of "Taking Chance"

Marine Corps Training Sessions & Balls

Images of VP Cheney's communications support team

Got your 3D glasses?

5 Annual Cheney support Xmas parties for military & Secret Service

Flag code/protocols/insights

Me, and the problems with Legion Post 43 in Jackson

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