The Farmer Menagerie, excluding les chats

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MooseCalf Lazy afternoon
Jan. 2002, Moose & calf...
Blinded by the light Vertical hopper
Yearling Alces Alces from March of '02 and,                           a yellow warbler from June of '02...
5 eggs actually 5 chicks actually
Blue bird eggs and hatchlings...
A red bluebird? 2 more kits somewhere
Bluebird greeting card designed by Lisa Lauritzen Smith from one of my backyard bluebird pictures,
and foxes denning under observatory for 1st year in May of '01...
The Guardian Beautiful coat
Male fox guarding the den from April of '02, and here's Dad in April of '03...
Mousing Bewilderment
Mama fox hunting in May of '03, while Buddy puzzles over Mom just sitting around...
Browsing Went for air
Whitetail deer browsing near the observatory and a tiger salamander that just popped up for air in the pond, 6/03...
Soaking up sun? Play with mama
Baby salamander, of which there are 50+ in the pond, and Mama fox w/2 kits, 6/03...
Duh Kay scumming around
Bull moose from Oct. 2000 & genus pondus scummus...
Cheney's MAST helos Robinette2003
Whirleybirds, and baby robin bird...
Cheney's Air Force 2  Jan. 2010
big iron bird...& an elk herd
My house in the background   

There were 16 of them this time.

Mom on the watch, Sept. 2010

1 of 2 yearlings

The other one

Pictures to follow of blackbirds, finches, brown snake, other birds, elk, coyotes, ravens, etc.,
once I get time to scan my old 35mm shots.

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