Reunion Photos, Class of '64, 2004, Whatever Hotel it Was

Stadium panoramic

Below are links to a group of pages containing photos I took during the reunion, as I was the only one sober. I posted a quantity of photos on a quantity of pages, most of which are reasonably sharp. I tried to get everyone, but probably didn't, so sorry if I somehow missed you. There are other pictures not posted, that are of less quality or essentially duplicates of pictures already posted. Just hope I don't post too many variations of the word "posted" on this page.

When you choose a page to go to, you will see thumbnail photos like the panoramic of the stadium above. You can left click on these (including the one above) & bring up a picture that will occupy the full screen of your computer, and then click it again on the lower right icon that will appear to be in the picture, to make the picture huge. Your best view will be if you're preferably set to 800 x 600 resolution. (On the couple of panoramics, use the slider bar to see the whole picture left to right.) You can also right click on that enlargement & choose the "Save Picture As" option, & download it to your own computer/folder/file/whatever, & have it to print out yourself. Some of the photos posted have already been edited to enhance brightness, contrast, to exclude extraneous backgrounds, etc. I didn't remove any warts but will if you pay me a lot of money. Otherwise, hope I didn't embarrass anyone except the guy that told me in '63 that I'd never get elected POTUS.

For a small fee, cost of cd, S&H, etc., I'll copy all the unedited pictures & send them to you to do with as you wish. However, you are not allowed to downgrade my image & make me look like Robert Redford or Harrison Ford or anyone like that. Caveat: All the wild reunion nights I had with all my old girlfriends will not be included, presuming they send me a written endorsement right away. I took all the pictures posted, except those that I'm in unless otherwise noted.

Also, I still do not remember/recognize everyone, so I've just numbered photos on each page. I'll send you all of them or none of them. The large images if you download them, should give you a decent 8x10 print (8.5x11), but if you want larger, you're probably crazy, but the ones on the disc will be printable up to 20x24 with reasonable quality. Make a poster & sell it to the world. There is one "panoramic" in the lot, of most of the guys that are vets when we stood up. I can't remember the friend who took it, but I was able to stitch 2 images together to make a nice pano, where only the one person in the center is out of sync. There was a 3rd image on the right with 2-3 more people in it that wouldn't stitch in. Sorry. As there are a LOT of photos & thumbnails & webpages here, it took quite a while to prepare all this. As such, I did some editing to make as many as presentable as possible, but didn't do a lot of editing work on most of them. It's your job to like them anyway. It'll take you a while to wade through them all. I have more pages of my photos, panoramics, and even 3-D images just off my main webpage if you want to take a look at those as well. How many of you still have 35mm cameras, raise your hands. Now put them down & go out and get a digital camera too. I'm ornery like that, after all, I am

THE Astrocowboy

I've also included some images of Jacksonville in '04, aerials, etc., for your amusement. I can include them on the disc if you order one & there are more not seen on that particular page that will be on the disc as well. If anyone took a quantity of other digital photos they'd like me to add to the page, get in touch & we'll see what can be done. Did anyone go out in the rain & bluster on the boat, as I didn't make that excursion?

At any rate, my email is to order a disc, ask to have a photo removed, ask a question, etc., & my main webpage for your reference is at, so browse if you wish, order a book if you like Wyoming film & who among us doesn't, & drop by for a visit sometime. I had fun this year & hope you did too, but apparently not too much as no one I heard of needed bail money. Anyhow, here's the list in no particular order...

Breakfast the morning after...

How about Dancin'?

How about Funnin'?

How about Pics of Jax?

At the Reunion 1

At the Reunion 2

Pals and Lovers 1

Pals and Lovers 2

Pals and Lovers 3

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