My Wildlife Images in Grand Teton National Park

Great Horned owls in the Gros Ventre Campground, 6/11/09

All images Copyright Walt Farmer

About 20 ft. from the babies

The countenance of such a tender loving mom, waiting to feed 'em...

Such a handsome pair  whoops!, owleye, about ready to fledge?

  What a convenient tree hole  Peekaboo?

Here's two brief movie clips:                 Clip One               and                     Clip Two

Hey Ralph, whatcha doin?  Bug off picture boy.

Come fly with me?

The Griz family of '07

Griz cub  Mom & 3 of her 4 cubs


On the run on W side of Blacktail Butte  On the N side of BT Butte

Leisurely afternoon  Travel break

Elk, Canada Geese, Bald Eagle, Bison, Coyote, Moose, other

Elk on a burnt ridge  Goose on a burnt ridge

Bald eagle, common sight on the Snake  Weasel? at Colter Bay

Bison on antelope flats  In the Gros Ventre River plain

S of Blacktail Butte under the Indian  More bison, more Indian  

 N in the Park (Wolf Ranch) amongst the dandelions.  Mt Leidy in the background. 

 S of Blacktail Butte  They know how to mosey

  Coyote on the banks of Jenny Lake  Same coyote off the central park road E of Jenny Lake

Coyote moving N along the Snake River near Moran gate  Same coyote headed back

One of mulitiple moosies in antelope flats  Two, but there were more

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