Homage to Eiji Oue

This started out as a large collection of photos from the 2003 GTMF season, but that's long over, so I'll just be leaving up photos of Maestro Oue. Enjoy the links...

My homage to Eiji, has 16 pages of photos.  The list is below...
The Blur
On Cue
Gimme more
The Consultant
The Force
The Social Eiji
But he's in Command (4 pages)
The Dancer,
The Devil,
and the Ham
The Smile
The Goodbye.

This concludes the extent of my webpages for my homage to Eiji Oue.
I have an enormous amount of respect for the talent this man possesses, whatever anyone
else's opinion might be.  And, I guess their opinion won out, but this is my way of saying thanks
to Eiji, and to all of you other musicians that rope for short pay.  Thanks for the music.

Walt Farmer
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