and we had to say goodbye...





As I watched this man over the last years in Jackson, I knew I was in the presence of a great talent that also
possessed a great exuberance for what he did, a joy of great music and the awareness of his ability to share
that great music and the love of it, to all who watched him work.  His smile, his energy, his capacity for memory,
his recognition of all those around him, his self deprecating humor, the way he touched the flag and his apparent
love of this country as evidenced by the spirited 4th of July concerts, all speak to the type of man I came to know.
I shall miss his talent and what he brought to Jackson Hole & the GTMF.  I wish him well and hope we have the
capacity to invite him back again and that he'll have the graciousness to accept and return.

The End

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