Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century: Shane Edition

    This book is a combination of both cdrombooks under the Table of Contents of the WY Film History cdrombook.  Both books are complete, with all the text, images, 2nd printer friendly chapters, links and graphics associated with each book individually, and are the latest versions of both.  The first release, v1.0 was published in February of 2004 & the current version is 2.8.    The Shane cdrombook alone is over 100mb, the Wyoming Film History cdrombook with the complete Shane cdrombook included is in excess of 300mb.  This combination book is extensive in its detail and information about Wyoming film history and is roughly the equivalent of a 3,000 page paper book which if actually in paper, would likely be a 10 volume work costing at least $300. retail. Current edition is v3.2.  Consult WY Film History and Shane cdrombook errata pages for any errata after this version.

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