My Astronomy Conundrums


I can't get good answers from anyone about the below items, & the more programs I see, the more books I read, the more questions I have.  If you can help me resolve any of these issues, please email me at


1.   If black holes are such that as we've so often heard, that nothing, not even light (EMR), can escape from them, then, why do particles escape from them?  Depictions are made of enormous jets radiating from black holes (Re images like Centaurus A, M87), such as the naked one for example recently discovered (HE0450-2958), that's actually causing an increase in stellar evolution in a nearby galaxy it will eventually merge with.  It's "blasting" the nearby galaxy with energy & matter.  Why the recurring dichotomy?  Hawking has acknowledged that they eventually leak.  Is all this just physics gobbledegook?

2.  Similarly, if the universe is steadily if not forever expanding, at a constantly increasing rate (red-shift), and everything is we're told, moving away from everything else, then, why do galaxies collide?  Why is Andromeda on a collision course with the Milky Way?  Is it a localized thing such that galaxies within a group move around relative to each other, but away from all other groups, or do groups have the capability to collide too?  Obviously, I move next to other people in my small realm of space, cars collide with one another, the moon actually gets a little closer to the earth each year.  So why is the prevailing & ongoing wisdom, that everything is moving away from everything else at ever increasing speeds (remember the bran muffin analogy?)?  Is it all, or ain't it all?

3.  It was recently reported (3/10), that with the WFC3 on the HST, that we've identified galaxies in the HUDF09, that were formed only 600MY after the Big Bang, which is also to say with today's assumption of the beginning of the universe, that the distance would be about 13.64BLY back in time.  IF there were intelligent beings in that system if it still exists today, and they have telescopic devices & can see the Milky Way, then are we 13.64BLY from them?  If that's true, was the MW formed only 600MY after the Big Bang too?  All info we know now, says it was not.  I need to get this one rationalized.  Of course, I'm probably a little off converting 600MY to .06BLY, but, that's all part of the problem.  I think you get the idea though.


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