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Walt loved Western lore, history, music and his country. He gave so much to his family, friends and his community, he is greatly missed.

So as Walt said, say"I Love You" to a loved one, someone, today and keep saying it. Your heart will soar, and so will theirs, and so will we all soar.

If you would like to communicate with Kay Farmer or if you have any stories or remembrances to share please e-mail or call her at 307-733-2173. Walt's memorial and wishes.

Walt's book, "Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century" will continue to be sold from this site and at the Jackson Hole Museum Store.

      My name is Walt Farmer, I live in Jackson, WY, and my website is primarily dedicated to the 20th Century of film in Wyoming and the books I've written. On it, you are able to reference the complete list of films, TV shows, documentaries, and other misc. information about this rich history. There are many photographic illustrations and other peripheral information, along with links to various other Wyoming/film sites. Besides the above information, the book mostly relates behind the scenes stories of how these films were accomplished, locations, and what the principals did while visiting Wyoming. The book has extensive interviews with the stars, directors, cinematographers, extras, locals and others responsible for the production of these films.

I was also featured in the Japanese magazine Rakuda, in their Aug./Sept. 2007 issue, as part of a larger article about western films in the U.S. Very nice article, but you need to be able to read Japanese. Here's a scanned excerpt. On the link, move down the page about 1/3 to the article.

       Stories such as who got hurt during filming of a number of movies; the weekly brawls during making of The Big Sky; why George Stevens chose Jackson Hole to film Shane and who else were considered for the principal roles; how Starship Troopers came to fruition and why the producer and his military advisor were at odds; why Marjorie Main always wore white gloves; where the fortress door in Mrs. Pollifax-Spy really came from; or what really happened to all the "dead" animals in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The stories are almost endless, whether through interviews or other historical accounts. As a result, I had hoped to get a publisher for this comprehensive book,"Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century"© , but they weren't especially interested, the dolts.  So, in 2001, I authored the book  onto CD-ROM which is much more comprehensive than a paper book could ever be & a lot cheaper as well and have published it myself. As of 9.22.00, I finished my first edition of the cdrombook titled, The Making of Shane©, and you can get specific information about it by clicking on the link to the left.  You can email me by clicking on the elk.  Both have been updated considerably since & are quite large due to all the research info & images in each.

    I also wrote a small book several years ago titled, "Shootout on the Town Square: The Story of the Jackson Hole Shootout"©. It's the oldest continuous running show of its kind in the country, which I performed in and managed for a number of years. Click on the Elk and email me for a copy, $7.50 including postage.

    TOURS to movie locations in the Jackson Hole area? While the most well known is Shane, there were over 30 films made here either all or in part, that provide a considerable portion of the history of filmmaking in Wyoming. Some are still in the backcountry, but most are easily accessed. From sci-fi to westerns, from the supernatural to some real bombs, this is an homage to Wyoming.  Contact me for information about a movie or click on the link above, or if you have need of a location scout.

    I am the founder and a current officer of the Jackson (Hole) Astronomy Club.  Annually in August, we "observe" National Astronomy Day at Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park.  Go to the webpage above & find out when it will be for this year.  And, I wrote a monthly column on astronomy for the JH News for the last 5 yrs. until Feb. of 2003.  Since then I wrote a column for Planet Jackson Hole which ended in April of '05.   Just click on the elk above left & email me with any questions.  Ever had any astronomical conundrums?  So have I, here's a couple - LINK.

    I was the area representative for the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. To get info on the Memorial, or to learn more about this and the POW/MIA issue, click on the links to the left. 

  I was also on the Board for Jackson Hole Community Radio - JHCR - which went on-the-air in March 2008 as KHOL at 89.1 FM. I started helping with a noontime Latin program on Tues. & Thurs. on 4/24, which we subsequently dropped.  I then did an international program (Walt's World Music from Wyoming-WWMW) every Sunday from 2-4pm which has also been dropped.  Then, I did a show of big band music on Sundays from 10am to noon.  Music from the 30s, 40s & later, WWII era, that remember & salute a style of music not heard much anymore & in very few places, now including, Jackson, WY.  However, due to health issues, I've had to stop that show as well, but it was a great show, as 2013, is the 50th year I've been doing some form of radio program or another.  Maybe, things will get better & I can do it again.  We hope to stream on the net soon as well, so you can get Jackson information around the globe.  I also did programs of pop, classic rock, & tributes on Memorial & Veterans Days.  Would you like to own www.kjxn.org?  I own this domain name, for more info, click HERE.

   In conjunction with my old WWMW show, I have amassed a very large collection of international music which I make available to public or community radio stations in digitized format.  Check this LINK for expanded information.

    Lastly?  I'm also a cowboy poet of sorts although I don't perform any more due to health problems, but it's been fun.

    Enjoy your forthcoming visit to Jackson Hole, my website of Wyoming movie/video history, and all that is Wyoming.

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Last Update: 3/2014

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